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Watermelon Sugar Tag

Watermelon Sugar Tag

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All of our tags are made from two part epoxy resin. A top coat of UV resin is used to lock in your pet's names & your phone number on the front and back of tags (this will ensure that the name and number will not rub off under any circumstances). During check out there will be a notes section that will allow you to enter in your pet's name and the phone number you want displayed on the back. 

+ Handmade items
  All tags are handmade and will not be identical to each other. There may be slight differences in the resin, but I try my best to ensure that all tags looks the same and contain very few imperfections.

+ Durability
  I use two part resin which makes the tags extremely durable. However, they are not indestructible. A jump ring is added to each tag to help prevent breakage in weaker spots of the tag.

+ Cleaning and Caring 
  All tags are to be cleaned with mild soap and water. They are waterproof and your pets name and phone number will never rub off. 

+ Phone Number (back of tag)
  Only one phone number can be added to the back of any tag. Phone numbers are printed with Vinyl on my Cricut and sealed in with a layer of UV resin to lock in your number.